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Pump/Fan Packaged Drives

Baldor introduces its newest line of pump and fan drive packages utilizing our popular VS1PF series of controls. With industry standard features of Hand-Off-Auto (HOA) and Local/Remote Bypass features, the package suits most popular specifications. However, Baldor didnt stop there, utilizing an Electronic Bypass, it can switch to Bypass when a Critical Fault occurs on the Drive. A remote "run" command can easily be accommodated as well, allowing your system to send down the command, instead of needing someone to physically turn the switch. No matter what, the motor will continue to operate even in the event of a drive loss. The VS1PF line of controls offers both V/Hz and Encoderless Vector mode for your Variable Torque (VT) application. Energy Savings mode can reduce KW used by the control when operated on VT loads. The slimline design allows
for side-by-side mounting with near zero clearance. All pre-wired with knockouts provide quick connections to line, load, and analog/digital inputs.


These VS1PF packaged systems contain:

  • NEMA 1 Type enclosure
  • Circuit Breaker with lockable Disconnect
  • Line Reactor rated at 3%
  • Surge Suppression
  • VS1PF control
  • Thermostat input
  • Class 10 Motor Overload
  • Hand-Off-Auto selector switch
  • ASD-Off-Bypass
  • Manual Potentiometer for Hand mode
  • Analog input, voltage or current, for Auto mode
  • Power on, Fault, ASD, Bypass indicating light.
  • Options: Fused Drive Input, Load Reactor

PID control
In centrifugal pump and fan applications, PID control is provided as a standard function, helping maintain a constant process control of pressure, flow, and oil level. This function includes pre-PID, sleep/wake up, and output inverse sub-functions.

External PID
This function can be used to regulate an unrelated external process, such as a temperature loop, as well
as provide cascaded control to the internal PID. It can also be used to control the motor speed directly.

Internal PID
Not only does this regulate process variables, but the drive's internal PID control function can also
receive references from an analog input, keypad, or communications port. In addition, it can receive
process feedback via an analog or pulse input.

Flying Start
With the flying start function, the drive senses the motors rotation prior to producing torque. This allows the drive output to be synchronized with the rotating motor during startup. It is particularly useful when backpressure causes a pump to spin backward or when an updraft causes the fan to rotate
(when the drive is disabled).

The sleep/wake function disables/re-enables the drive automatically as demand dictates. This helps eliminate unnecessary operation at idle speeds, thus saving wear and tear, as well as energy. out-of-the-box operation make it among the most popular variable speed motor controls. It is ideal for applications where multiple motors are operated simultaneously from one motor control.

Sensorless Vector Control
The VS1PF can also function in a sensorless vector mode for constant torque pumps such as progressive cavity pumps.

This allows the drive to maintain residual heat in the motor, which helps eliminate condensation in damp conditions when the motor is not in use. In the drive, an adjustable, low-level DC current is applied to the stator windings either continuously or on a duty cycle basis.

Significant Energy Savings
With its energy-saving features, the VS1PF drive provides significant savings over damper control. Its automatic mode adjusts output automatically based on load for optimum savings, and its manual
mode lets you set the amount of savings manually.
Integrated Bypass Module

The integrated Bypass module makes for quicker integration to existing systems. By providing industry standard interfaces, these controls provide easy systems for end users.

Operator Station:

  • Speed - Speed pot for operating in Hand mode
  • Hand - Speed is controlled by speed pot
  • Off - Motor is off
  • Auto - Accepts signal from process
  • ASD - Drive is on and operational
  • Bypass - Motor is operated "across the line." Drive is off
  • Test mode allows the control to be programmed while in Bypass mode.

Indicating lights:

  • Amber Power Light
  • ASD - On when ASD is controlling motor
  • Bypass - On when in normal bypass, Slow blinking when commanded from Remote source or from drive
  • Fault - On when ASD is faulted. Slow blinking where critical fault occurs

Service Conditions:

  • Altitude: 1,000 m (3,300 ft) Maximum
  • Ambient Temperature: -10C (14F) to 40C (104F)
  • Storage Temperature: -20C (-2F) to 65C (149F)
  • Relative Humidity: 0% to 95%, non-condensing
  • Intermittent Overload: 110% overload capacity for up to 1 minute PACKAGED

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